Arab Investment Group

Arab Investment Group (AIG) is one of the oldest and biggest investment groups in Egypt and the Middle East. Its work range from cement, paints to food and beverage. They needed to re-brand their identity to reflect their investment and share in economy. We at Qomsa Design House have done […]

Arab Investment Group

Market Mix

Market Mix Magazine coupon

Market Mix is an Egyptian company works and promotes Hand-Crafted goods. People behind market mix believe in natural material that comes from natural environment, which crafted and hand-made by highly skilled professionals. Their widespread products range from hand-soup, natural loafs, to lighting lamp from alabaster, and cooking stuff all of […]

Personal Desk Calendar

Personal stuff is always hard owning to the direct feeling and emotion that comes with it. Anyone of us graves for perfection when it comes to his own stuff, the way it looks they way it feels how would people say about it. Salama El Qasas, in fact, is one […]

Desk Calendar

خريطة و دليل الزمالك

طريقك المباشر لكل المطاعم والمقاهي بجزيرة الزمالك تستهدف خريطة الزمالك علي حد سواء الاجانب والمصريين الراغبين في تجربة غداء ممتعة بالجزيرة. سواء كنت من المقيمين او الغير مقيمين دليل وخريطة الزمالك هو افضل طريقة لاكتشاف المطاعم والمقاهي المختلفة الموجودة بالزمالك لذلك قمنا بدعم الخريطة بدليل في الخلف موضح به ارقام […]

The island of Zamalek map and directory

The island of Zamalek map and directory

Zamalek map and directory

Your straight forward directory and map for every restaurant in the Zamalek Island Zamalek map is targeting foreigners and Egyptians alike who wish to spend a great dining experience and it’s absolutely free. Whether they come from inside or outside the island the best way to find and explore different […]